In our Deployment process, we include a client interview, authentication of documentation, check from the authorities about their documents. For existing clients, we plan for a complete cycle time of 9 months for each berths so that high rotation on the same or similar vessel is achieved.
The corner stone of our deployment process is a detailed and structured pre departure briefing with a view to ensure multinational crew compatibility is ensured, there is high level of obedience and discipline on board, safe working practices are followed as per the Principal’s policy, and a detailed briefing on dos and don’ts.

We believe that a crew’s relationship with the Principal is a long term one and not limited by a contract.

This ensures high familiarity of the crew with the Owners culture, management systems, and specific demands that facilitates a smooth vessel and manning operation.

The average on board pool of seamen from SMML today stands at 500 highly specialized officers with extensive experience on merchant ships. About 400 seamen are on leave and are in regular touch with SMML.

SMML strives to have the best retention rate. The pool is equally divided among deck and engine officers. However, the percentage of senior officers (Master, CE, CO, 2/E and EO) is about 50 per cent more than the junior officers’ pool.

SMML’s Ukrainian seamen database stands at additional 1400 staff. These seamen have either been interviewed by SMML at some time or have worked with SMML at an earlier occasion and have been found suitably qualified. We have a data base of another over 150 seamen who have been very well reported when they were placed on board through us.

These seamen have left us due to high wage differential and their credentials to get higher wages from other companies. Some of them have left us due to lack of specialized vessels such as Ethylene carriers. In case of suitable interest from owners and good opportunity for them we are confident to get them back due to our continued good relationship.

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