Our recruitment system is geared to select only the most suited candidate for the vessel position with high emphasis on spoken and written English skills and good attitude and habits.
All seamen go for extensive screening process comprising of interview, skill assessment and reference checks.
For senior ranks we additionally check for computer skills.

We ensure all crew going though our system have valid certificates and all necessary and relevant endorsement in addition to a thorough medical examination from our authorized medical clinic. 

In order to work effectively with you, we need at least following information and would prefer if you can visit our office to gauge our capabilities yourself.


  • Vessel details
  • Flag of the intended vessel
  • Rank experience
  • Date and place of joining
  • US Visa requirement
  • Any other specific requirements
  • Offered wage
  • Tenure of employment
  • Working gear and uniform provision
  • Vessel P&I Cover and CBA if applicable

Our application form can be downloaded here.

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